Coats & Clark is celebrating our 200th Anniversary in 2012 and would like you to share your sewing stories with us and for the next generations to read.

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Your story can be about how you learned to sew or quilt, what you enjoy about sewing, what you learned along the way or anything regarding sewing or quilting.

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  • My first experience with sewing was a disas...

    Submitted by Kelly on November 03, 2012

    My first experience with sewing was a disaster. Back in the 1060's every girl in Junior High had to take Home Economics. I was excited to finally learn to sew because my grandmother who lived in a different state sewed and I admired her so. Needless to say it wasn't the experience I had hoped for. I picked a way too complicated dress pattern and I also picked out the wrong type of fabric to make it with. It didn't turn out and I got a C- for the project. After I graduated from high school and married my high school sweetheart we moved to the very same state AND town my grandmother lived in. This is when I finally learned how to sew from a pro - my grandmother! Our very first Christmas as a married couple I wanted to make my husband a bathrobe for his present. I would go to my grandmothers house and she would teach and help me create the most wonderful bathrobe. It was such a special time learning from her and hearing the stories about how she learned to sew from her mother, my great grandmother. To this day I can not sit at my sewing machine creating without thinking of my grandmother. After 33 years of marriage my husband still has that bathrobe I made him our first Christmas together. He says he refuses to get rid of it because he knows how much love went into making it and because he loved my grandmother as much as I did. I appreciate the times I had with my grandmother but the times we spent sewing together are my most cherished. Now I sew for my grandkids. I think of my grandmother every time I sew for them appreciating the time she took to teach me to sew. I hope I will be teaching my grandkids to sew some day when they are ready.

  • Coats & Clark - When I see that name I thin...

    Submitted by Paula on November 03, 2012

    Coats & Clark - When I see that name I think of my grandmother, she always had this brand of thread in her sewing room. When I was a child, she made all of our Easter dresses, mended anything that needed it and altered and revamped to get the most out of every garment. I still have her singer sewing machine, the first electric model that was made. In the cabinet door there are still spools of thread from when I was a child, they are just a part of the memories. I wished before her passing in 1982, I would have had her teach me all she knew about sewing. Now at 50, I am a beginner and an empty nester and can't wait to start learning the wonderful craft from my childhood.

  • Mother sewed a lot of our clothes and all o...

    Submitted by Ruth Ann on November 02, 2012

    Mother sewed a lot of our clothes and all of her own dresses. She also enjoyed working with embroidery, and crochet. As young children, we also wanted to learn to create these wonderful things that our Mother made. I still have the doll dresses and crocheted doll hats and sweaters that she made for us. My earliest memory is learning to embroider using a cross stitch pattern. I can still see my grandmother sitting on the floor and making her own dress pattern from a dress that fitted my sister. When I finally had sewing class in Junior High School, my skills were way advanced beyond what we were to make. Now I have the pleasure of teaching my ten-year old granddaughter to sew on a sewing machine. The threads that we have used through the generations have the name Coats & Clark, J&P Coats, or Coats.

  • I was nine years old, when I was introduced...

    Submitted by Ann on November 01, 2012

    I was nine years old, when I was introduced to a needle and thread. My Mom always said she couldn't sew a straight line. So I tried my hand at it. After a few pokes in my fingers and a couple of knots in the thread I did sew a straight line. This led to making doll clothes and kitchen curtains. I remember a bright red fabric, and I got to keep the "left-overs". Made a Little Red Ridinghood for my Barbie. Dad got me a small sewing machine in a box. It was my dream Christmas gift. I made alot of my sisters clothes, especially during the holidays. Once I made my youngest sister a two-piece swimsuit. It was white and I lined it. First time she wore it, she had to grab a towel to cover up!OPPS!! Just a few months ago, I found an old brown spool ofCoats & Clark thread, from 1969. Home-Education. I used the last of it to make a jumper for my grand-daughter. I still get the fluttery feeling when starting a new sewing project. First cut and first stitch, with Coats & Clark thread. Thank You.

  • Both my mother and grandmother were talente...

    Submitted by Mary on October 31, 2012

    Both my mother and grandmother were talented seamstressses and craftswomen. They tatted, crochet, knit and sewed their entire lives. They blessed me with a love of sewing and needlework of all kinds. When they passed, I kept some items from their sewing areas. I was surprised to review C&C's history and find I have spools of thread in all the same styles to have on your final history page. I didn't realize until tonight that I automatically reached for the C&C brand. ( as did my mother). It works well and has proven reliable for more years than I can count. So I'll just keep picking C&C. There is a certain beauty to the everyday items you create. May your company have continued success.

  • Both my grandmother and mother sewed beauti...

    Submitted by Carole on October 31, 2012

    Both my grandmother and mother sewed beautifully. My first attempts; however, were less than wearable. But I have persevered and now take great joy in being creative when sewing. My daughter has always claimed that she did not want to learn to sew but when I asked her recently if she wanted my old machine if I got a new one she very promptly said yes. She is getting married next year and I look forward to teaching her and someday my grandchildren the wonderful art of sewing. It is very comforting to have this art in common with generations of women in one's family. My niece is also interested in sewing and I have done a number of things for her. At her school I am known as "The Aunt Who Sews".

  • I started sewing when I was in 2nd grade. ...

    Submitted by Missy on October 29, 2012

    I started sewing when I was in 2nd grade. My teacher was working on a counted cross stitch project and I was impressed and asked her to teach me. She happily agreed and my love for sewing began. Prior to that though, I was exposed to sewing at a very young age. My babysitter was an avid quilter and I have many happy memories of me and my sister playing in her sewing room with her stashes of fabric. She also made us many wonderful presents, including a baby quilt and a stuffed rabbit doll that I still cherish today. After learning how to do counted cross stitch in the 2nd grade, I never looked back. I have done quilt blocks and numerous counted cross stitch wall hangings and other gifts. In the 5th grade, I did my first charity afghan and I am continuing that work today. I have just finished another afghan for Project Linus. Recently, I learned some basic embroidery stitches and am working on a family tree project for my parents for a Christmas present. I also started learning to quilt last year. I am in the process of making my first mystery quilt and am also working on making quilts for family members from my Grandma’s clothes. That is a project that I am working on with my Mom, sister and a couple of aunts. I feel very blessed to be able to sew and quilt. My 11 year old niece has expressed an interest in learning how to cross stitch and quilt and I hope to be able to pass that knowledge down to her. I have always admired the handwork the goes into making quilts and other family heirlooms and I hope I can help contribute to those traditions.

  • I remember being 6 hrs old & watching my Gr...

    Submitted by Eva on October 28, 2012

    I remember being 6 hrs old & watching my Gramma sewing a curtain on an old foot peddle black Singer Sewing machine in the sunroom of my parents Carraige house. It had gold designs and a gold wheel. I was so impressed by that! All I wanted to do was learn to sew! I imagined making doll clothes and a dress for my Mana. My Granpa Wilhelm thought it was a wonderful idea, so that year for Christmas, he bought me my very own pink toy sewing machine that REALLY worked! It came with projects and material and an instruction booklet! Although I could barely read, my Mama helped me figure out how to work that tiny machine, and I was off!!! I made project after project and used up all the materials, begging for more! That's where MY love of making my own things came from. As I grew, it advanced to skirts and aprons and eventually, designing mown childrens' dresses and coats!! If I couldn't find what I wanted, I made it! Sewing was a very relaxing, creative outlet for me. One of the joys if my life!!

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